This course has been designed for the teaching of university students studying English and is specifically aimed at those studying presentations. It aims to fulfill the following objectives:

-Expose students to a wide-range of authentic and stimulating materials

– Help develop all facets of their language abilities while focusing on the key area of public speaking

– Challenge their abilities to communicate key ideas

– Respond to the presentations of classmates

– Learn to apply critical thinking and voice their personal opinions either positively or negatively towards the material presented


Online Material

All of the material in this course can be found on the professor’s own website. For the 2016 Autumn semester it can be viewed at:

The purpose of having the material available from an online resource is two-fold:

(1) It allows the students to access the information anytime and anywhere. With the current growth of smart-phone and tablet technology, this has been a positive change for students as they are now able to study on the move.

(2) It allows students to communicate with each other outside of the classroom and in a neutral environment. They may post comments, ask questions, or even discuss issues regarding the material on the website comment section. This, too, is an invaluable resource for students who often learn and understand more when working collaboratively.