• You do not need to raise your hand to speak. You may speak at any time you wish in any manner you wish. Of course you should be courteous but please do not always wait for me to ask you to speak. You should make the effort to get your voice out.
  • You should listen to all of your classmates, not just your teacher. The best students in this class will be the ones that demonstrate an ability to listen to what others say and respond to it.
  • If you do not know a word in English, you may say the Korean word loudly and clearly—probably someone will know the word and they will help you. If not, we will find it in our dictionaries.
  • You should not worry about the level of your English. We would much rather hear an idea expressed incorrectly than hear nothing from you.
  • If you didn’t hear what somebody said, or if you didn’t understand, ask a question.
  • If you agree or disagree with someone, tell them.
  • If you would like me to spell a word on the board, repeat an expression, or teach you a certain phrase, ask.
  • Manage your time as best you can. I am understanding of the situation that our class is early and do not expect you to be robots. However, your punctuality will often determine your success.


If you can achieve all of these things regularly during our class, you will be very successful.