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Our next class is in the normal room (213); please attend as normal.

We are going to learn a few things from a couple of videos. The things that we learn will be useful for your next couple of assignments so come ready.

The first video is from Tim Urban. You can find it below. It has Korean subtitles!!

From this video, we are going to try and learn two main things for giving presentations:

  1. Use of ppt and media
  2. The use of a shock

Please consider those two aspects (as well as any of your own thoughts).

The second video is from the curator of TED, Chris Anderson. From this short youtube video, we are going to try to discuss, and understand, the importance of the idea

It seems like a lot to take in but we have a 100 minute class and only meet once a week so I think it’s good for us to cover both.

Do your best to have a little look at each of them before class if you can. Ask if you need help.

See you on Wednesday – enjoy your dark playground (you will only understand that if you watch the video)

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