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As the world of technology changes around us, more and more people are using digital formats to present themselves and their ideas. These are used for resumes, introductions, business, charity, politics, or simple entertainment.

Your 3rd Assignment is to present yourself and an idea digitally and submit it.

As we have discussed in class, the main goals should be:

  • Present a single ‘idea’
  • Communicate clearly
  • Be genuine

Other guidelines or information are as follows.

Theme: This is free. From something deep and profound to something trivial and everyday. Whatever you think is best.

Style: Anything is possible. Formal or casual. Whatever you think is best. It can be edited or it can be plain.

Length: Keep it around the 4-5 minute mark if you can but, again, there are no real rules.

Assessment: Your work will be assessed according to the following four categories

1: Clear communication  2: Idea    3: Presentation style  4: Genuineness

Submission: Please submit the work no later than Wednesday  23rd 10pm.

You can do it via email (, usb to me, or uploading it to this website. Anything is okay.

Good luck and ask if you have any questions – I’ll upload next lesson’s materials over the next or two.

Thank you