Final Class Wednesday December 7th

Final Exam Wednesday December 14th

The final class will be a light-hearted event. Attendance and participation in the final class will also determine who gets to choose the time for their final exam.

The schedule for the final exam will be posted on here after the final class.

Final Exam:

Objective – To have a conversation in English with a native speaker and demonstrate your ability to communicate in a second language. 

Topic – You should choose one aspect/theme of our study and conversation from this semester and talk about it. It can be something that you liked, disliked, or even were confused about. 

Guidelines – It’s not a memory or intelligence test. You will be graded instead according to your ability to speak in English. Marks will be awarded according to your presentation of your ideas, fluency, pronunciation, and confidence.

Location 632 50th Anniversary Building

Any questions, please contact me or leave a comment below